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Tales from the parenting trenches. A clinical psychologist vs motherhood


Parenting is tough, but it must be easy when you are a clinical psychologist right? Wrong! Find out what happens when you specialise in maternal adjustment and you become a parent yourself. What happens when your head is full of attachment theory and behavioural psychology?
Nadene van der Linden explores the challenges of parenting from her perspective as a clinical psychologist. Prior to entering private practice, Nadene was employed at a tertiary obstetric hospital and it was during those years she also became a parent.
Through her tales, Nadene provides personal and professional insights in the warm, honest and at times humoruos style that she is known for. At it’s release this book was an Amazon #1 bestseller in the category of motherhood and memoirs.




What people are saying about Tales from the Parenting Trenches

“Nadene writes openly and vulnerably about the realities of parenting – and how being an “expert” in psychology / child development does not mean the parenting journey is paved with gold and ease. However, she also writes respectfully, telling her own story whilst protecting the stories of her own “little people”. ” Tiffany Rochester, Clinical Psychologist and Blogger at “At the Same Mountain”, Australia

“As a mom, and a psychotherapist myself, I could certainly relate and the beauty of it is all mom’s will relate and it gives us the permission that we sometimes need just to be real and relax and know that being a good enough mother is good enough.” Dr Zoe Shaw, psychotherapist, California

“It’s a marvelous book — practical, insightful AND enjoyable. A combination that can’t be beat!” Jan.L. Bowen, catalyst, coach and author.

“Really enjoyed your book – thought it was a brilliant account of parenthood with lots of usefull advice and insights.” Dr Jessamy Hibberd, Clinical Psychologist, United Kingdom

“Your book helped me give me more insight and I’d gladly recommend this to clients who are looking for tips and reassurance they are ‘good enough’.” Jessica Cole, Clinical Psychologist, Australia.

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